Our Fees

TF Wealth Advisors provides ongoing investment management and financial planning services to clients. There is no minimum to work with us.

As an independent investment advisor, we do not receive any commissions or referral fees for investment management. We are compensated based on a tiered percentage of assets under our management. Our goal is to minimize the cost to our clients by keeping trading cost low, avoiding mutual funds with sales charges and using low-cost ETF’s and mutual funds when suitable.


Ongoing investment management fee structure:


Total Assets under Management             Annual Fee

Up to $250,000                                                  1.00%

$250,001- $750,000                                          0.80%

$750,001- $1,500,000                                       0.70%

$1,500,001 - $2,500,000                                   0.60%

Above $2,500,001                                              0.50%

Example of Investment Management Fee Calculation:

Assets under Management = $250,000

Quarterly Fee calculated = ($250,000 x .01)]/4 = $625


Financial Planning and Business Consulting Services

We charge a flat fee of $450 for project based financial planning. A monthly fee of $200 for our comprehensive financial planning program. Business consulting fee starts at an hourly rate of $150 and is dependent on complexity.  Financial planning services will be provided at no additional charge for ongoing investment management clients. Payment is due at delivery of completed work.