Investment Management

                       Portfolio Built With You In Mind

Building wealth requires a disciplined approach. This is why we start by learning about your goals and asking questions to understand your risk tolerance as well as your time frame. Using this information, we can build a portfolio that is centered around you and your goals.


                 Asset Allocation

We use asset allocation strategies across major asset classes to help pursue the most optimal return aligned with your risk tolerance.



We diversify a client's assets within each asset class and type to control risk and to take advantage of the different investment styles and various sectors. This helps us to balance your portfolio where strong performance in one area minimizes downturn in another.



 We rebalance periodically to ensure that your portfolio remains in sync with your risk tolerance, objective and time horizon.

Our Strategy

We believe it is important for clients to know what they own and why they own it. We go through a process of assessing your goals, objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon. Once we understand these factors, we use strategically designed allocations to help you achieve your goals.

In a world where information is overwhelmingly available and market forecasts are fluid, we have found that using a goal based strategy allows investors to tune out the noise they hear and the red chyrons crawling across their screen to avoid knee-jerk reactions.

We use diversification to control risk and apply a low-cost and tax-efficient strategy when building portfolios.


Goal Based
Risk Management
Low-Cost & Tax-Efficient


TF Wealth Advisors provides ongoing investment management and financial planning services to clients. There is no minimum to work with us.

As an independent investment advisor, we do not receive any commissions or referral fees for investments. We are compensated based on a tiered percentage of assets under our management. Our goal is to minimize the cost to our clients by keeping trading costs low, avoiding mutual funds with sales charges and using low-cost ETF’s and mutual funds when suitable.

Total Assets under Management             Annual Fee

Up to $250,000                                                  1.00%

$250,001- $750,000                                          0.80%

$750,001- $1,500,000                                       0.70%

$1,500,001 - $2,500,000                                   0.60%

Above $2,500,001                                              0.50%


Example of Investment Management Fee Calculation:

Assets under Management = $250,000

Quarterly Fee calculated = ($250,000 x .01)]/4 = $625

Consultations are always free. Reach out to us for a portfolio analysis